When it comes to summertime there is nothing better than swimming or relaxing in a nice refreshing pool. We know how confusing it can be to find the best above ground pool for your yard and price range but luckily for you, we review all of the top rated and most popular swimming pools on the market today. Don’t waste your money on buying a cheaply made above ground pool that will only break down in a year or two and instead go with one of these best-selling models that will be sure to serve you well for years to come.

To make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for we have compiled a list of the top rated above ground pools from all different styles and price ranges. This way you are sure to get exactly what you need for the best price possible without having to waste all day searching around. Every pool that is listed below will be sure to serve you well just make sure to go with the option that will be big enough for the number of people you expect to swim at any given time while also being able to properly accommodate the size of your yard.

Above Ground Pool Reviews

Below we have reviewed the top above ground pools to help you find the right one for you and your family. By making sure you purchase the right swimming pool you will save yourself from running into problems and wasting your hard earned money. If you’re having trouble choosing which model to buy check out the buyers guide at the bottom of the page.

Common Types of Above ground Pools

There are several common types of above ground pools that you may want to check:

  • Hard-Sided Pool
  • Soft-Sided Pool
  • Portable

Splash Pools Above Ground Slim Style Oval Pool Package

If you have many family members or are just looking to buy a really big above ground pool then you can’t go wrong with this one. Splash pools designed this giant above ground pool for people who want more than just the average size round model. This pool is fairly expensive but if you want the best then you have to expect a hefty price tag. This above ground pool is made of extremely high-quality material and will continue to last year after year no matter what weather comes its way. Unless you’re expecting an earthquake or tornado sometime soon you will be sure to have nothing to worry about.

Be prepared though because this large pool is rather difficult to install and will take around 4 people to help speed up the process. If you are not very handy or don’t have the right tools then I would definitely recommend calling a professional to do the installation for you. Especially with a pool of this size you will need to have the ground perfectly leveled so that you don’t run into any problems while installing or later down the road.


  • 30-Feet by 15-Feet by 52-Inch or 33-Feet by 18-Feet by 52-Inch
  • 1 Horsepower Sand Filter with Standard Thru-the-Wall Skimmer
  • A-Frame Resin Ladder with Safety Barrier
  • All-Weather 20 gauge Vinyl Liner
  • Clear Installation Instructions

INTEX 32′ x 16′ x 52″ Ultra Frame Rectangular Swimming Pool Set

If you’re looking for another large sized above ground pool but want one that is a little cheaper and far easier to install then this is the right one for you. The way this pool is designed with all rust resistant metal beams and joints that snap together makes the installation process extremely simple but I would still recommend having four people when doing so. When filling the pool with water you will need to make sure to pull on the edges at the bottom to keep it from wrinkling. I would recommend this above ground pool for anyone that isn’t mechanically inclined but be warned the quality is slightly less than the Splash Pools model but this swimming pool will still serve you well no doubt about it.

The Intex 2650 GPH Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump that is included with this set will be sure to save you money in the long run due to the fact you will not need to buy expensive filters. All you have to do is make sure to do routine backwashing and replace the sand in the filter around every five years. Having to not buy a filter around every six months is definitely something that makes this one of the best above ground pool sets on the market today. If you like this pool but would prefer a smaller model you can go with either the 24-Feet by 12-Feet by 52-Inch or the 18-Foot by 9-Foot by 52-Inch pool set. Each different sized pool set does come with different accessories though such as a handheld skimmer and vacuum as well as a volleyball net if you get the smallest model.


  • Easy Installation with Metal Beam Design
  • Intex 2650 GPH Sand Filter Pump
  • Pool Cover & Deluxe Ground Cloth
  • A-Frame Pool Ladder
  • Instructional DVD Included

Intex Metal Frame Pool Sets

Most people who are looking to buy the best above ground pool possible also want one that fits within their price range so they go for the typical round metal frame version that you will usually see in most backyards. I would have to say that this is the best model that fits what people are typically looking for and for the price can definitely not be beat. This swimming pool comes in many various sizes such as 12-Foot by 30-Inch, 15-Foot by 42-Inch, 15-Foot by 48-Inch, 18-Feet by 48-Inch, and 24-Feet by 52-Inch. Today I’ll be reviewing the 15-Foot by 42-Inch as it’s one of the more popular sizes and the one I’ve actually had the chance to install and use myself. Don’t worry if you want a different size though because they are all basically identical. Since there are so many different sizes of this pool all you have to do is pay a little bit more and you will have the perfect size to fit your needs.

This particular model is extremely easy to install and is ready for water in around 45 minutes. Unlike the much larger pools, you only need two people to install this one so that’s a plus as well. Thanks to the high-quality materials such as the Super-Tough liners and extremely strong metal frames you will have a pool that’s not only extremely appealing to the eye but will also last through many cold winters which can’t be said about many cheap above ground pools. The sidewalls of the pool are actually made with three separate layers of material that give it the Super-Tough name. Another cool feature that is included is the surface skimmer with basket convenient drain plug that allows for easy draining of the pool. So if you decide to not clean your pool over the winter you can just drain the water and be good to go. This model has some of the best above ground pool reviews on the market today and definitely the most by far.


  • Many Different Sizes
  • 800 Gal/Hour Filter Pump
  • Ladder
  • Ground Cloth
  • Cover
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Surface Skimmer with Basket Convenient Drain Plug
  • Instructional Video
  • Free Inflatable Floating Pool Mat

Intex Easy Set Pool Set

If you are looking for a cheap but reliable inflatable above ground pool then I would have to say that this is the best above ground pool for you. The Intex Easy Pool Set comes in many different sizes so no matter if you want an extremely small model or a fairly big one you will be good to go. This swimming pool is extremely easy to set up so you can see why it gets the name “Easy Set”. No matter what size you decide to get it will be ready for water in as little as 10-20 minutes and requires absolutely no tools to install.

Many people tend to go with this particular model as their first above ground pool to see how their family likes it. Don’t forget though just because this is a rather cheap pool you will still have to level the ground underneath if you don’t have a rather flat surface to place it on. To drain this pool once the summer is over all you have to do is use the drain plug that easily attaches to a garden hose and you can store the pool away for next summer. I would recommend buying a ground cloth if you’re planning on using this pool for more than one summer due to the fact of how dirty the bottom of the pool gets. Thanks to the tough 30-gauge sidewalls that are made with three different layers of material you won’t have to worry about easily popping a hole in the side or bottom. Once you receive this pool you will see it’s much better built compared to other inflatable models like it. Intex really is one of the best brands on the market today and their above ground pool reviews will definitely agree with me.


  • Many Different Sizes
  • Filter Pump
  • Instructional DVD
  • No Tools Required

Buying Guide to the Perfect Swimming Pool

Before deciding on what is the best above ground pool for you and your needs it is imperative to figure out what exactly your requirements are depending on these factors below.

Price Range

If you’re looking to buy a swimming pool on a budget then you probably want to go with inflatable version that will be fairly cheap. If you are wanting a more permanent version that will last for many years then a metal frame model will be essential. In the end you get what you pay for so usually the more money you spend the more durable your pool will be.

Size Requirements

One of the biggest factors that besides what above ground pool you buy is who the pool is actually meant for. If you are buying a pool for the kids to play in then a small model such as a 12 foot version will be perfect for you. If the pool is meant for adults then you will a much larger pool and if you plan to use it for swimming in particular then a large rectangular pool will probably be best bet.

Space Available

Before making a purchase it is extremely important to make sure you have the yard space to accommodate the pool. Make sure you have an area that you can level out the ground where you will be placing the pool and that it won’t take too much of your yard to where you don’t have room for anything else.


Last but not least you want to make sure that you get a pool that is durable enough so you don’t end up wasting your money in case you tend to tear the vinyl liner. This really pertains to if you will have a dog swimming in your pool due to the fact of their sharp claws can easily puncture through thin vinyl liners. If you do plan on having a dog swim in your pool from time to time then I would definitely invest in a pool with heavy duty liner that is at least 20 mm thick.

Above Ground Pool Ladder

Pools are a whole lot of fun, but, they’re also potentially dangerous sometimes. Pools with no ladders are particularly difficult to manage, as there is no way to get in or get out safely, without risking the chance of slippage or something similarly unfortunate. That is why it’s important to invest in a pool ladder. Let’s look at the top above-ground pool ladder options, starting with that which best suits pools without a deck.

Pools with No Deck: Confer A-Frame

When it comes to supplying pools with no deck with a ladder, the Confer A-Frame is amongst the best options on the market. The Confer A-Frame offers a sturdy ladder that can be set up, secured, and maintained next to a pool with no deck to which to fix a traditional submerged ladder.

The A-Frame requires assembly, but this is rarely an issue and can support up to 300lbs when deployed and secured properly. Customers unanimously agree that the A-Frame is a sturdy, durable, altogether it’s an excellent piece of equipment that will definitely enhance the flair of your pool, and heavily contribute to its safety.

Pools with Decks: Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladder

Pools with decks, however, can defer to the less expensive, equally effective heavy duty in-pool ladders that are on the market. These are secured to the deck, with the steps submerging in the water.

So, one simply climbs back into the pool, gradually easing in. These are typically easier to install, less expensive, and more familiar than ladders like the A-Frame, but the latter is the only option in the event of your owning a pool with no deck. If, however, you do have a deck, it might be best to just go ahead and use one of these more traditional ladders.

Comparative Advantages

Advantages of one type of ladder over the other can be a marginal but important factor in helping prospective new pool owners decide whether they want a decked or non-decked pool. In general, in-pool ladders, which are only possible on pools with a deck, are safer options than ladders like the A-frame, because it is unlikely someone at the pool will slip, and if they do, they will most likely fall back into the water rather than, possibly, backward onto the concrete. This is certainly something to consider if you have kids.

Alternatively, the in-pool ladders common to decked pools don’t look quite as nice, and can be a little difficult to use for the more elderly, as one typically has to bend down to be able to reach the handrails of the ladder.

So, if you have kids, such an in-pool ladder is the optimal choice, but if it is primarily older patrons you expect at the pool, the other ladder options are typically much better. Either way, these models represent the best above ground pool ladder products, and anyone in need of such a pool accessory should definitely consider both of them.

Above-Ground Pool Pump

If you’re interested in buying a new pool pump, you will need to find a high-quality design which performs very well and is built to stand the test of time. In addition, any product that you select should be affordable. Prices and features for pool pumps vary widely. Shopping around will be the best way to isolate a great deal on just the right device.

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower

This highly-rated unit gets good reviews from real-life customers, so it’ll be a solid pick for you, too. Designed with a Powerflo LX pump which includes a practical strainer, this device is designed to offer premium performance to owners of above-the-ground swimming pools.

When you choose this model, which retails for around $150.00 at Amazon.com, you’ll access drip-free performance, and you’ll also be the owner of a heat-resistant model which is meant to offer superior motor life. This unit features one-and-a-half horsepower and it comes with a handy, transparent cover which allows owners to know when it requires clean-out.

In addition, this unit is rust-proof, so you’ll never have to worry about corrosion. Lastly, this pool pump runs quietly, so it won’t interfere with your outdoor relaxation.

Intex 2500-Gallon Filter Pump

this affordable pool pump is very simple to utilize. Just put in a new cartridge every fourteen days in order to enjoy peak performance. When you choose this impressive, Intex-brand design, you’ll receive a unit with a double-insulated pump, a sensible air-release valve and a sediment-flushing feature. This device is designed to work for those who own eighteen-foot swimming pools, eighteen-foot metal frame styles or eighteen-by-ten, oval frame-style swimming pools.

Best Pool Shock Guide

Installing a swimming pool, in any home, is a huge deal: It takes a lot of money, a lot of planning, and a whole lot of work, not just on the part of the company doing the digging-up and filling-in, but for you, the owner, as well. Plus, once you’ve had the pool for a little bit, you’ll come to realize that there are a number of things to do beyond just removing debris to ensure the health of the pool. Amongst these is the so-called pool shock. A lot of people aren’t aware of what this is until after they need to have it done, so let’s take a look at what we consider to be the best pool shock, the logic behind it, and how to do it.

The Logic of a Pool Shock

The basic idea behind the pool shock as a basic tool of maintenance is this: Maintenance levels of chlorine are eventually adapted to. That is, bacteria and other hostile organisms living in your pool water, over time, will learn to deal with the chlorine, and, more importantly, the amount of chlorine in your pool effectively changes over time.

The amount that is effectively sanitizing the pool is the effective chlorine, while that which is not is the ineffective chlorine (easy distinction, huh?). A pool shock helps active chlorine do its job while ‘activating’ ineffective chlorine, via the process of super chlorination, by which you add three to five times the normal amount of chlorine to your pool.

How to Shock Your Pool

Before you actually go about shocking your pool, determine how frequently you want to do it. And by want, we mean, need. If you have a cold-water pool without too many patrons, a single shock per month will do. On the other hand, warmer pools and Jacuzzis need to be shocked twice a month for maximal sanitation.

There are a number of ways to shock your swimming pool, and all are effective. But all of them should be performed after sundown, to prevent UV rays from getting in the way of the process. The easiest way is to fill a bucket — preferably of 5 gallons — with water, and add your pool shock granules to the bucket. Then, pour the contents of this bucket in front of the return line fitting of your filtration system; this will help distribute the shock chemicals all throughout your pool.

Chances are, not all of the granules dissolved the first time through. So, fill the bucket again, and repeat this process until all the granules, more or less, are gone.

At this point, all you have to do is wait, but the important final step is, of course, reading the amount of chlorine in the pool. It’s a horrible idea to swim in a pool with too much chlorine — a dangerous one, in fact — so be sure to get a chlorine content reader and check. Once the reading is 3 parts per million or less, you’re good to go.

Our Favorite Pool Shock

Our favorite pool shock would definitely have to be the Aqua Chem Shock Xtra Blue. What makes us consider this the best pool shock is the fact it’s affordable, easy to use, and the water always comes out looking crystal clear. It also helps that this is the highest rated pool shock online with more good reviews than any other. So give this shock a shot and we are sure it will serve you well.

Above Ground Pool Lights

Looking for the best above ground pool light? The Intex 110 may just be the right choice for you. Designed exclusively for above ground pools, this magnetic LED light is bright and uses a minimal amount of electricity, so you can enjoy those after-dark swims without worrying about running up your electric bill.

Standout Features:

• Magnetic
• Attaches to any non-metallic pool wall
• Built-in Floatation
• Low Electricity Level
• No Batteries Required
• Illuminates up to 24’

An In-Depth Look at the Intex 110


The Intex 110 is designed for above ground pools that do not have metal walls. It’s easy to install, easy to use, affordable and the light shines awfully bright. Just a single light can illuminate up to 24 inches of water.

One of the most attractive features of this electric-powered light is it’s convenience. Since it is powered by electricity, there are no batteries to install or change while still supplying you with a constant source of light. Simply attach the light to one side of your pool wall and attach the transmitter to to the other side; it’s safe to use near water.


best above ground pool light


If the light becomes dislodged from the magnet, the built-in flotation feature will keep the light afloat. This saves you from ever having to retrieve the light from the bottom of the pool. Also, the brightness of this light is impressive and because it’s an LED light, it uses a minimal amount of electricity. However, larger pools may need two or more lights, but one is definitely enough to light an entire 24’ x 52’ pool.

• Bright illumination
• Energy efficient
• Powered by electricity
• Illuminates up to 24’
• Easy to install
• Floatation allows for easy retrieval of the light

• Is not compatible with above ground pools featuring metal walls.

Best Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools

Hayward 500 Aqua Bug

If you have an above ground pool and want a cleaner that works great and looks cool to the kids then definitely take a look at the Aqua Bug. If a bug doesn’t suit your taste there is also the Aqua Critter, Diver Dave, and Wanda the Whale.

These automatic pool cleaners can be installed in under 10 minutes and don’t even require you to empty or replace debris bags. The Aqua Bug also works directly with your filtration system so no extra energy is required from running a booster pump.

If circulating water is a problem, you will be happy to hear that the Aqua Bug pulls water from the bottom of the pool and circulates it by becoming a moving main drain. This helps keep the water clean without having to overuse chemical sanitizers.

Using the patented SmartDrive steering system, you will be sure to never have to worry about a spot being missed as it cleans quickly and efficiently. Then you have the unique turbine/gearing system that makes sure the flow of water will be constant and balanced ensuring a quiet and smooth operation.

With all the great features at such a low price, this model is definitely a great deal that will suit many persons well.

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior

Have your above ground pool cleaned quickly and efficiently by using the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior. This robotic pool cleaner can even clean most swimming pools in around 30 minutes to an hour. This is thanks to the 24-volt pump motor that allows the Pool Rover Jr. to filter water and clean extremely tough dirt from the pool floor with vacuum suction. Because this cleaner does its job so fast you will be sure to save on chemical, water and energy costs.

Unlike other pool cleaners, no large heavy hoses are required with the Pool Rover Junior. This is because it has an internal pump and a filtration system. A reusable filter bag is even included that traps algae and bacteria as small as two microns, as well as dirt, leaves, and sand. This keeps your main filter from using so many cartridges which saves you money over time. While no heavy hoses are needed, a 40 foot floating cable is connected to the cleaner from a power supply transformer.

A really cool feature is the patented jet-drive propulsion venture system which allows this unit to easily move around by shooting out a jet of water. When it reaches a wall, the jet stream is simply shot out of the opposite direction which causes the unit to go the other way. The built-in guidance system makes sure that no matter what the shape of the pool it still cleans everywhere that it’s needed. With the extra-wide non-marring wheels getting stuck is now a thing of the past.

Best Pool Thermometer

While the technology behind a digital pool thermometer isn’t very complicated, deciding on the top pool thermometer to track your pool’s water temperature can be difficult. In a market flooded with so many products from so many sellers, finding the item you need quickly and effectively can be a hassle.

Many people are leaning towards a multi-purpose thermometer that incorporates many different features into one small package. Also, not all pool thermometers are built the same, so it’s important to consult reviews before buying. Sorting through hundreds of confusing and competing pool thermometer reviews can be time-consuming and difficult, so in this review, we’ve narrowed it down to two of the best pool thermometer choices out of the many hundreds currently on the market to make your purchase easier.

Ambient Weather Pool Thermometers

The two best thermometers out right now with multi-purpose digital capabilities is the Ambient Weather WS-14 and the Ambient Weather WS-20. Both products are compact, durable, and built with the user’s convenience in mind. Each product includes a wireless indoor thermometer so you can track the temperature of your pool from the comfort of your own living room.

Save Energy and Money

There are many pool heating systems available to partially or totally heat the water in your above ground or in-ground pool. Many of these heaters come with their own thermometers as part of the electronic system that operates the thermostat, but they’re not as accurate as one may like. Inaccurate readings on a combination thermostat/thermometer can cause more than just a little discomfort than you were expecting when you enter the pool.

Turning your heater to a higher setting because you’re getting an inaccurate reading on a low-quality thermometer can cost you big money on your utility bills. It takes a lot of energy to raise the temperature of your pool just one degree because the thermal mass of all the water in your pool. Either of these thermometers can be used in conjunction with a heating system to create the ultimate luxury swimming experience.

Ambient Weather WS-14 Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

Including an indoor console and a digital, floating pool thermometer, the Ambient Weather WS-14 brings you the convenience of a high-end thermometer at an affordable price.

The Ambient Whether WS-14 features:

• A floating pool or spa thermometer with an LCD display
• Wireless transmissions from the thermometer to the indoor console
• Updates every 60 seconds
• Low power consumption
• Eight channel selections to avoid frequency overlaps
• Inconspicuous size

Ambient Weather WS-20 Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

The WS-20 is an updated and improved version of the WS-14. The WS-20 allows you to monitor the temperature from three different sensors at once. This floating pool thermometer gives you a very accurate pool temperature reading considering it’s updated every minute, meanwhile, other sensors are monitoring both the indoor and outdoor air temperature at the same time. All three temperatures are displayed simultaneously on a large display console that you can keep anywhere in your house that has a direct line of sight with the pool.

The Ambient Weather WS-20 features:

• LCD display
• Eight channel frequency switch
• Solar powered with battery back up
• Best pool thermometer in its class
• Automatically displays each sensor in turn on scroll mode
• Re-synchs itself automatically in the case of a power outage
• Outdoor air temperature range from 40 below to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

If you want to keep track of multiple sensors, the WS-20 allows you to remotely read and update up to eight different remote thermometers at the same time. That’s great for a home that has both a pool and a spa or hot tub, or in commercial facilities where multiple water features need to be monitored at the same time. Whether you choose the WS-14 or the WS-20 I’m positive that you will be satisfied.

Solar Pool Heater

If you have an outdoor pool, there’s plenty to be excited about. However, most pools really need a heater or the water won’t be very hospitable to you and your friends. Of all the heaters to choose from out there, solar powered ones may be your best bet. They get their energy from the sun, saving you money, but not sacrificing heat. Two options out there that make a lot of sense are the Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System and the Intex Krystal Clear 15-Foot Solar Pool Cover. I will explain what they are and how they work in greater detail throughout these 2 solar pool heater reviews.

Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System

This heater is 20 feet in size, but can handle an in ground pool that’s 15 feet by 30 feet, whether that area is as a circle or rectangle. It can support a round above ground pool that’s 24 feet round. So you’re getting a good amount of heating for your package. In size, the Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System is about 20% wider than most other solar panels on the market. Plus, this heater works as a modular system. So buy what you can afford or need now and, later on, buy more if you decide you want to and install it for even more heat.

The heater is also both durable and flexible. Thanks to the latter trait, the Idpe material is easy to unroll quickly and start using immediately. Installation really is a breeze. Thanks to the former characteristic, you don’t need to worry about people having too much fun.

At $139.99, this is a great product you’re going to get a lot of use from. The modular aspect is perfect for people new to pools or at least at heating them because you can buy just one at first and see how it goes.

Intex Krystal Clear 15-Foot Solar Pool Cover

This is another great unit, but it’s specifically for 10 foot round pools and acts like a cover. So it’s going to provide a much different solution than the one above. One cool thing about this simple design is that it’s able to reduce evaporation by 95%. That’s a big deal considering, between the sun and artificial heating, you’re looking at considerable water loss you’ll otherwise need to pay for.

It’s not the largest heating cover in the world, but you don’t need it to be for your purposes. This size makes it easy to roll up and store, especially when you consider the bag that comes with it. Plus, taking it on and off couldn’t be easier because the cover just goes on top of the water. That’s it. There’s no attaching it or cumbersome installation. The cover just fits right inside the pool and floats there.

You can’t go wrong with this solar pool cover as it’s just around $33. So long as you have the right size for your pool, this is an easy cover to recommend. So no matter if you own an indoor or above ground pool you will be able to find the right solar pool heating system for your needs.

Pool Alarm

Pools are fun — just about no one would argue that. But pools can also be dangerous: The numbers indicate that drowning is the leading cause of death for kids at or below the age of 14. Largely, this is due to negligence — people should watch their kids better than they do, most of the time — but, a lot of the time, it is accidental, and even when it’s not, it’s good to have safety mechanisms in place. Most people aren’t aware of what safety options are available, most of the time, though, although most eventually learn about pool alarms.

What They Are:

Pool alarms are, more or less, exactly what they sound like — alarms that indicate when something has fallen into the pool. Now, given the frequency with which, say, sticks, pebbles, and bugs fall into the pool, you don’t want something that gets set off for literally anything that drops into the pool. Rather, you want something a little less sensitive. And luckily, most pool alarms only go off when objects of 15lbs or over fall in. This means that, if children or pets fall in, the alarm will go off, and you’ll be able to take action.

Pool Alarms: Why They’re Important

Pool alarm reviews are important because, well, pool alarms are important. You need to ensure you have the best of the best. Let’s take a look at a few well-known pool alarms and what they offer, and, crucially, how they’re reviewed.

SmartPool PoolEye

The SmartPool PoolEye is a device that attaches to your pool and monitors it for 15lbs or above objects that fall in. This is, really, the extent of its features, and it is really more than enough. However, many reviewers bring up a number of concerns. Most commonly, we see complaints regarding difficulties getting it to fit the pool — frequently, it only works with pools that have thin edges and aren’t decked — and, when it does fit, it occasionally under performs, either by going off too frequently or going off not at all. This has earned it a little under a 4 star rating, so it is not bad, especially if you have a pool with thin edges that is above ground, but it is not stellar, so bear that in mind.

MG International Sensor Espio

The MG International Sensor Espio is a world-renowned sensor, by contrast, that rings the moment anything of a particular weight falls into the pool — and you can set this weight. It is entirely waterproof (curiously, some complain about some pool alarms not meeting this requirement), and is easy to install, with an installation procedure that allows it to deploy in just about any pool.

End Note

It’s important to have chlorine in your pool, yes, but it’s probably more important to have a good pool alarm. This will help ensure that your pool is never the site of the tragic accidents that occur so frequently in and around pools.

How to Handle Above Ground Pools Installation

Have you purchased an above ground pool and now it’s time to install it? Or have you tried installing it once before, but the results were not so great? Either way, installation doesn’t need to be overly difficult or something you pay someone else to do. Just follow the below steps and get your pool installed today.

Pick Ideal Ground

No matter what kind of pool you’re installing (vinyl, aluminum, etc.), you’re going to want to put it on level ground. There are ways around this advice, if necessary, but it really is a lot easier to do above ground pools installation on a level surface.

This also means the ground must be more or less free of rocks and large stones. Furthermore, you’ll need access to an outdoor electrical outlet that is protected from ground faults.

Lastly, make sure your pool has plenty of access to the sun. A lot of people have met the above qualifications, installed their pool and then realized that it’s going to be a cold experience because the sun can’t reach it.

Don’t let large trees or bushes get in the way either. Aside from blocking your sun, it will also drop all kinds of debris in the pool.

Select Your Pool

If you’ve already bought a pool, this section is still important. Now that you have the perfect place for your pool, you should have some idea of the actual pool you can install and use.

Your simplest option will be a pool that is supported by a framework made out of metal posts with either an inflatable ring or top rails. These can be as small as 12 feet in diameter and only 40 inches deep.


A solid sided pool, usually oval in shape, can be as big as 36 by 24 feet and 5 feet deep. These will also be the most complicated to figure out and labor intensive to construct.

Prepare the Ground

No matter what kind of pool you’re installing, you need to begin by completely leveling the ground. Make sure the space you clear is larger than the actual pool you’ll be installing. About 25% bigger should work. Then cover the area in topsoil.

Start with the Walls

Whether you have a metal or fiberglass pool, if there are walls to install, do that next. Then fasten the joints included and sat the sand wedge encircling the pool as directed by the instructions.

Handle the Floor

Most pools will come with a ground cloth of some sort. With your walls installed, you can proceed to lay your ground cloth down and fasten it to the frame. Make sure all relevant points are connected correctly.

Start with a Little Water

At this point, your pool should be ready for the water. However, you just want to start with a little at first (one to two inches) to check for any high or low spots where the depth isn’t equal.

Provided that’s not an issue, congratulations! You just handed your first above ground pool installation!