Best Rated Adjustable Beds For Your Money

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The Adjustable Bed will help you ease the everyday pressure, tension, and fatigue by adjusting to your body. It will allow you to better distribute your body weight and cradle you in unmatched comfort. When you have the remote control in your hand, you can elevate your back and your legs to exactly the position you desire, making the one-third of your life you spend in bed more luxurious.

There are many kinds of adjustable beds in the market, which can be chosen as per the personal requirements of the user. There is no single type of adjustable bed that is suitable for everyone. Professional medical advice can also be sought before buying an adjustable bed. The right kind of bed is all the more important for people who are bed-ridden or to those who have to remain in bed for long hours. Adjustable beds are also available for children with disabilities.

Who Are Adjustable Beds Made For?

There is a wide range of uses for an adjustable bed now that they are widely available in the home. Whether you have an illness or just want better, more comfortable sleep, they can promote healthier rest for anyone.

Best For The Sick And Disabled

They not only allow the disabled to have a comfortable bed, they also help those that are taking care of them to adjust them to positions that make the caregiving easier to do.
When giving care to a person that is bedridden, there are physical burdens placed upon not only the one stuck in the bed.
All too often caregivers have acquired physical injuries such as herniated discs from caring for their loved ones or patients.

Suitable For The Home Environment

The adjustable bed has not only provided a safer work environment for professionals, it has done the same for those at home needing care.Bed companies have realized the advantages of having a bed that can be manipulated into many positions.They have literally changed the way the world sleeps.Often married couples buy one of these beds to assure they both can have the comfort needed on individual sleeping planes.

Why Choose An Adjustable Bed?

Some people like to read or write before sleep. Having a bed that has the ability to raise their upper torso into the perfect position is more than a mere comfort. It eliminates all the extra pillows that can take up a lot of room and make your sleeping partner uncomfortable and have less room to sleep. When trying to get a good night sleep it is crucial to be in a position that is ergonomically comfortable but is also safe on the body.

For Better Health

As we have all known for years, sleep position can have a major impact on the overall health and wellbeing of an individual.If tired and sore when waking up, it can lead to having a day of sheer exhaustion. If the body is kept in an unsafe position during sleep, many other health problems can occur, such as back, hip, and other joint pain. Having a bed that can be raised up and down cannot only reduce the pain, it can also eliminate it altogether in time.

Adjustable Bed Types

There are a few different forms that electric adjustable beds come in. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The one that you decide on is usually down to either personal preference, budget, or both.

They can be found in many sizes, like mattresses king size, and also styles. Some have heat and vibration features that make them even more comfortable.
With the variety of beds to choose from, features are always developed to make them even better. This gives owners of these beds what they are looking for, a relaxed nights rest which is so vital to our health. The toughest decision is trying to choose which one is right for you.Just take your time looking through this site so you can understand all of these options before making your mind up.

Below are some of the more common types, to read more try out our page: Adjustable Bed Types

  • Coil Spring Adjustable Beds
  • Memory Foam Adjustable Beds
  • Air Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Bed Brands

Consumers have a lot of choice in manufacturers of adjustable beds today. There are some well-known ones and others that although not as popular might still be worth a good look to make sure you get the best bed and deal.

Here’s a list of some of the best manufacturers of these beds:

  • Adjustabeds
  • Craftmatic Adjustable Beds
  • Legget And Platt Adjustable Beds
  • Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds
  • Contour Adjustable Beds
  • Select Comfort Adjustable Beds
  • Niagara Adjustable Beds
  • Ergomotion Adjustable Beds
  • Adjustable Bed Prices

These types of beds aren’t cheap so expect to pay on average about $1500 for a good model. You can find units for as low as around $700 though. In the upper range of pricing, some adjustable beds can cost $3000 or more.

It would also be a good idea to try and test the bed in person to make sure it performs to what you expect. Everyone’s body is different so you will need to find the bed that conforms to your body or the one your buying the bed for. Online Retailers usually offer a 90-day trial. If you are not pleased with the adjustable bed, you are free to return it.

Due to the relatively high cost of an adjustable bed, many people will want to finance the cost over time. If you don’t have a few grand available to purchase in cash then this will be an important consideration to make. Luckily most retailers of these beds do have forms of financing available. Sleepless, painful nights are a thing of the past now and I would never go back to a traditional bed.

Adjustable Bed Video

Take a look a this GoldenRest bed video to see one in action:


Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds offer a healthy way for people to rest through the night. The best posture to rest comfortably through the night for some is to keep their heart lower than above the rest of the body with knees bent and feet up.

This can only be achieved with an adjustable bed which will allow you to get into this position and stay there all night.

Contoured To Our Natural Shape

Contoured adjustable beds take into account the fact that the natural position of humans when they are totally relaxed is not flat as is needed when lying on a flatbed.

Proper Muscle Support
Because of this we toss and turn and usually wake up after an exhausting evening searching for a more comfortable position.

By supporting the muscles properly, they can relax during the night and a good night’s rest can be had.

An adjustable bed supports your head and neck, your shoulders, torso, hips and knees.

By giving them the support they need you can rest completely and feel rejuvenated the next morning.

Help With Ailments and Sleeping

They can help with a lot of ailments like COPD which often prevents a person from lying on their backs for prolonged periods of time. Anyone who has a need to elevate their feet to prevent swelling would benefit from this as well.

By being able to sit-up on an adjustable bed, they can breathe with ease and obviously they can sleep more soundly.

Disadvantages Of Flat Beds

When the same person is sleeping on a flat bed with pillows propped up behind them, the pillows move throughout the night.

Their sleep is disturbed and they have to re-adjust the pillows all night long.

When they finally wake up they’re exhausted from waking up all evening. An adjustable feature eliminates all that fuss.

Finally, you can sleep through the night because you can breathe comfortably all evening.

Enjoy Watching TV Comfortably

These beds are great for people who like to watch TV in bed or read. Some people like to work on their laptop, while others enjoy knitting in bed. Whatever past time you partake in while resting is easier with a bed that adjusts.

You don’t have to worry about pillows losing their place and your constantly having to rearrange them. You can relax and just knit or watch TV.

Other Features

There are many other features which adjustable beds have which makes owning one a great idea. Some beds have heated massage built in, which could be therapeutic for some and just pleasurable for others.

They adjust automatically with the press of a button and this is a built-in feature of every bed no matter what the price.

They can come with remotes which allow you to adjust them easily while lying in them.

Get Better Support

Some people have learned that they’re bodies need to be supported in order to rest. They may not be fully aware that they have this knowledge though.

They simply have developed a desire to sleep in their recliner, because that’s where they get the most rest.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

The quality of your life is important. Sleep is a major part of determining the quality of life you have. Make sure you’re not sacrificing and important part of life.

Contoured adjustable beds allow you to get the support needed to truly relax your muscles while in bed and for the first time really rest.

Different Types Of Adjustable Beds

On an adjustable bed, you normally have the same type of adjustable frame features from one bed to the next, but they are mainly set apart from each other by the kind of mattresses used and the extra properties that the bed might have such as massage, built-in heaters, wireless remotes, etc.

Customary Coil Spring Adjustable Beds

These are like the flat coil spring bed, and coil spring adjustable beds usually feature a coil spring design that has been changed to be more flexible so it works with the adjustable framework.

Another good thing about these is that they are easy to find in a variety of mattress firmness choices.

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to add on pillow-tops or memory foam tops to the base that is usually most affordable.


If there are any disadvantages to the coil spring adjustable beds, they focus on the fact that coil spring mattresses do vary in quality from one kind to the next.

There is no real system to ensure that they are about the same, so comparing one brand to another can be quite confusing.

Memory Foam Adjustable Beds

For people who have some sort of ailment that makes it necessary to have a therapeutically pleasing mattress, the heat-sensitive, foam adjustable bed mattresses are great.

They are made of a special material allowing the body heat to reform to your body’s shape. This is great for reducing pressure on your body. It is a standardized system so it is easy to compare these memory foam mattresses.

Two Foam Types

memory foam

Memory foam is designed to conform to the shape of your body for better comfort.

Depending on what you need specifically, there are two commonly known kinds of adjustable bed mattresses made of foam to be found. The first is made of hypoallergenic latex foam.

The second one is man-made memory foam. Both take a little bit of getting used to, and they are more expensive than the coil spring types.

But, people who do pick the foam mattresses rarely go back to the old mattresses with metal springs.

Conforms To Your Body

This foam has a sort of memory that literally cradles the body and yields to it, making the foam take the pressure off many joints that slept on, creating a cloud like a mattress that is second to none.

Bed manufacturers have taken the adjustable bed to a new level with this memory foam.

As a person that has suffered from tremendous back and joint pain, getting one of these beds for myself has perhaps been one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Adjustable Air Beds

Those who like to dial their firmness numbers while having the choice to adjust it or change it any time will enjoy the adjustable air beds.

This kind of mattress gives you extra features such as adjusting both sides to different firmnesses and having a very convenient remote.

Remember that it does take a special kind of air mattress to go with the adjustable bed frameworks. Also, the consumer grade adjustable beds are not as advanced as the ones that hospitals use.

Get The Right One For You

Picking an adjustable bed just means picking the most comfortable bed for the person. After all, if you can get comfortable, you will be able to get a good nights sleep.

You will awaken feeling more refreshed and alive and not sleepy like you do with your old style bed.

You will gladly spend the extra money to get one of these nice adjustable beds and mattresses. You will find yourself enjoying a nice sleep experience.

Being able to get a good night’s sleep will give you a better overall health rating and you will awaken feeling much better and more energetic than with your old bed.

Adjustable Bed Frame

If you are one of the thousands of people who suffer from back pains whenever you wake up after a long night sleep, having an adjustable bed frame can solve your problem.

How They Help

The kind of bed and mattress that you sleep on is a major determining factor to the quality of sleep you get each night.

The more flimsy a mattress is, the more uncomfortable it is to sleep upon and the more it tends to put you in a bad sleeping posture.  On the contrary, the more comfortable you are with the bed that you are sleeping on, the more rested you are in the morning.

It can be quite hard to be comfortable sleeping on a thin mattress so it is always good for your back to sleep on a mattress that can provide you enough back support and cushion

When it comes to bed frames, an adjustable bed frame can give you superior back support when you sleep. You can change the angle of recline according to your preference and always make sure that your back is fully supported by the recline.

Doing so puts your body in a good sleeping posture and solve your back problems for good.

Good For Back Problems And More

Although there are certain medications you can take to get rid of back pains, you can simply solve it the natural way by getting a good set of bedding such as an adjustable air bed and adjustable bed frame.

Many people all over the world use adjustable bed frames due to their health benefits.  Aside from giving full support to your back when you sleep, it also supports your neck and other key areas of your body.

This bed frame can solve a myriad of problems other than back pains such as sleep apnea, arthritis, leg cramps, varicose veins, gas reflux and breathing difficulties.

How They Work

Adjusting this bed frame is easy and you can adjust the angle of recline in different ways in its upper, middle and lower portion by turning the crank or retractable lever.

This type of bed is made mostly of metal which is very durable so you can expect a lot of years of rejuvenating sleep for years.

Buying Tips

There are a few things you should consider when purchasing one of these bed frames to ensure you get something you’ll be happy with.

The company:  First of all do some research on the company itself, do they have a good track record or lots of complaints?  This is your first clue on what you might expect to find regarding the quality of the frame you intend to buy.

The frame:  You’ll want a heavy gauge metal frame that will last you years to come.  It’s better to go with one that is welded rather than bolted.  A weaker made frame will bend or distort over time which can lead to problems.

Other parts:  A sealed motor is preferable as it will not require servicing or lubrication.  The remote needs to be durable, you don’t want your bed to get stuck in an upright position.  Also, nylon wheels are best for rolling the bed as they will be noise free.

Invest In Your Health

An adjustable bed frame is a good investment and can save you money in the long run.

Instead of paying for medication for your back problems and always going to a therapist, you can get rid of your back problems for good and save money on therapy sessions and medications.

Widely Used In The Home

As a proof of the adjustable bed’s usefulness, you can find it in health clinics and hospitals. It is used to aid patients to recover from physical injuries such as fractured legs and broken hips.However, you do not need to be ill in a hospital to have this comfortable bed and there are thousands of people who own an adjustable bed frame in their homes.

So if you have sleep apnea, chronic back pain, arthritis, gas reflex, varicose veins, leg cramps and other sleeping problems, do yourself a favor and get and adjustable bed frame.

How to Buy a Used Adjustable Bed

The exact condition in which the adjustable bed is in is required to be taken into consideration. If it is for permanent use, then it is better to go for a new adjustable bed. If the condition is just temporary then a used adjustable bed can be bought. Accessories like side rails and sideboards can also be affixed to a used adjustable bed.

Information about used adjustable beds is available in ads on bulletin boards, in newsletters, on websites, at local hospitals and rehabilitation centers, or at local disability organizations. Information is also found in newspaper classifieds or pawnshops.

Care should be taken to see that the bed is in good condition. Therapists� and physician�s advice can be sought before buying a used adjustable bed. One disadvantage of a used adjustable bed is the non-transferability of the warranty on the bed. There are also disadvantages like the physical dimensions of the bed, capabilities, condition, fittings and accessories. So it is better to be well informed about the options before buying a used adjustable bed.