Best Jewelry Armoires Reviews 2017: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

jewelry armoires

It’s time to get organized like a star, but without the celebrity price tag!

How many times have we ladies found our jewelry jumbled up and destroyed? We know that selecting the best jewelry armoire out of the massive collection in the market can be somewhat of a challenge especially if you don’t know what they have to offer and what you are looking for.

That’s where we come in:

We are here to present to you great compact Armoires products that will help you stay decluttered, store your expensive jewelry safe and stay organized at all times.

First, we will look at some features of Jewelry armoires, the various types available in the market, such as hanging jewelry armoire, standing jewelry armoire and mirrored jewelry armoire. We will also provide you insight on what to consider before buying one.

Jewelry Armoire Features

A wall mounted jewelry armoires and a standard sized armoire will contain standard features which simplify your organization process. some of the common features you can expect to find include:

  • Different parts or all of the armoire is divided into compartments.
  • Ring pads or pins, bracelet holders, and watch holders.
  • Doors with compartments to hold necklaces and other jewelry.
  • A mirror inside or outside the armoires for checking out your appearance.
  • Secret compartments with or without locks; this are used for the safety keeping of your expensive gems.
  • Lockable or no-lockable drawers

Best Jewelry Armoires Comparison Table

RankImage ManufacturerNameRatingCheck Price
RankImage manufacturernameRatingCheck Price
1Oxford-Jewelry-Armoire-8-DRAWER-BLACKHome Decorators CollectionOxford Jewelry Armoire, 8-DRAWER, BLACK4.9
2best choice productBest Choice Products Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Stand, White4.1
3Hives-and-honey-Ella-jewelry-ArmoireHives and honeyHives-and-honey-Ella-jewelry-Armoire, Espresso4.2
4Wall-Mounted Locking Wooden JewelryFinley HomeWall-Mounted Locking Wooden Jewelry4.1
5Brown Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Cheval Floor Cabinet Organizer Storage with DrawerOrganizedlifeBrown Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Cheval Floor Cabinet Organizer Storage with Drawer4.0
6Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wall Door Mounted Makeup Armoire Organizer with Mirror LED Lights, WhiteSONGMICSLockable Jewelry Cabinet Wall Door Mounted Makeup Armoire Organizer with Mirror LED Lights, White4.1
7Mirrotek Jewelry and Makeup ArmoireMirrotekOver The Door Combination Jewelry and Makeup Armoire, White3.8
8Gwendolyn Jewelry ArmoireHome Decorators CollectionGwendolyn Jewelry Armoire4.4
9Over The Door/Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire Plaza AstoriaOver The Door/Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire 4.4
10Chirp Jewelry ArmoireHome Decorators CollectionChirp Jewelry Armoire4.0

What To Consider Before Buying a Jewelry Armoire That Suits You

Choosing an armoire that suits you should be much more than beautiful designs and colors. If you chose a jewelry box solely based on looks, then this could lead to your precious jewelry getting damaged or even terribly tangled.

Some of the important factors that will help you get the kind of armoire you need include:

Consider your Jewelry Collection/ Compartments

All your jewelry needs to be stored in a different section; otherwise, you will end up having cluttered and most likely damaged collection of jewelry. Each chain, ring, necklace, glasses e.t.c need to be stored in a certain way. for example, earrings should be hanged on a post or a hook different from chains. Bracelets should be stored in a specific compartment wrapped around fabric tubes. Rings should also have their own compartment with slots for each ring.

Design And Style

Well, each one has her own design and preferences, right? Just make sure it compliments your interior decor or the theme of your bedroom or closet. if you have limited space, then select a compact Jewelry armoire. There are various models in the market including free-stand floor units, dresser-top units, and large wall units.

Most Antique Armoires offer unique designs but this comes with a hefty price. an example of expensive armoires is the Ikea Wardrobe, white, Fardal high-gloss light gray and the Chinese Distressed Raw Wood Tall Cabinet Armoire.

Consider Safety And Security Features

If you have small babies in your house or just nosy girls who like playing around with make-up and jewelry, you should think about security. If you also have expensive jewelry too, consider acquiring an armoire with locks on drawers or handles.

Other designs are specifically made to look less like jewelry armoire.They look more like mirrors or household cabinets. Others come with lockable hidden compartments and drawers for your storing your valuable items. You can see how these features offer more security compared to ordinary Armoires.

Armoire Size

It does not make sense to acquire a huge armoire just to find yourself squeezed in your potential storage space. We advise you to measure the place you want it to go; this gives you a clear idea of the amount of space available. Your measurements should include the space required to close and open the drawers and doors.

Construction Material Used

From our experience, you should only consider purchasing an Armoire made from wood. The advantage of wood jewelry armoires compared to other material is that it provides room temperature as well as preventing moisture build up inside it. Moisture tarnishes and reduces the life of your precious gemstones.  Some of the best structures are made from oak and pine wood.

Best Choice Products Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Stand, White

best jewelry Armoires


This cleverly designed armoire offers great storage space for all your jewelry. The mirror is elegantly designed to tilt if need be. The mirror is 43 inches long enabling you to check out your whole body; which woman doesn’t want to check out her back package!

It comes with lock features to safeguard your accessories and other important ornaments. it is designed with solid wood on the back and front while the design is fitted with quality velvet.

Assembly of the wood jewelry armoires is quite easy. it takes minutes to assemble. An assembly guide comes with the armoires when you purchase it. Read more reviews from customers.

Top 5 Jewelry Armoires Reviews

Oxford Jewelry Armoire, 8-DRAWER, BLACK


The Oxford Jewelry comes in a stylish black design and is fitted with 8-drawers to give you all the space you need to store your jewelry. it is 40 inches high, 20 inches wide. one you purchase it, you don’t need to worry about assembly because it comes fully assembled.

it comes with two side doors to hold your bracelets and necklaces. It also has lift-top to offer more storage area. all the draws and side storage are felted. All the drawers also come with ant-tarnish material to prevent your gems from tarnishing

Home decorators collection also offer a 45 day no hustle return policy in case you don’t like the armoire.



Hives-and-honey-Ella-jewelry-Armoire, Espresso

Hives and honey are well known for their elegant designs. The Ella jewelry is another of their great product which comes with a lift-top lid mirror. the top lid is also well compartmentalized to store bracelets, rings and other jewelry.

All the 5 drawers are also divided into compartments. the side doors come with hooks for hanging necklaces and earnings.

It comes with a streamlined design and a slick finish which add that modern feel to this armoire.


Wall-Mounted Locking Wooden Jewelry from Finley Home

This wood jewelry armoires from finely Home can be mistaken for a wall-mirror. It measures 50 inches in height and 14.5 inches in width and comes with three removable trays for easy cleaning.

it is equipped with numerous hooks and ring cushions throughout to offer the necessary storage space for you.

Durable MDF wood (medium density fiberboard) is used to make the body, the mirror, and the external body.

one of the best features about this wood jewelry armoires is the security lock it comes with.


Sauder Palladia Armoire, Cherry

Sauder Palladia Armoire, Cherry

This is one of the best products from Sauder. It comes fitted with garment rod on the inside part of the door to keep your precious accessories safely organized and secure.

The drawers are also fitted with easy-to-glide metal runners to enable easy access to your jewelry.

it comes in a slick finish with a tarnish-protective coat to ensure your accessories do not tarnish. Its assembly is also very easy provided you follow the assembly guide which comes with the wood jewelry armoires.


Over The Door/Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire

Mirrotek Jewelry and Makeup ArmoireThis superbly designed white armoire is well designed to hang on a door or on any wall. With the built-in mirror, you don’t have to fight over the little space in your bathroom.

Its interior is well divided to offer space for storing your cosmetics and other accessories. There is no assembly required after purchasing this armoire.

your organization is only limited by your imagination with this wall-mount jewelry armoire.




There are other types of armoires available in the market. We’ve considered it right to include Computer armoires here just in case you might want to purchase one. Here we will list a few of the best Computer armoires from various companies.

Desk and Computer Armoires You’ll Love

A corner computer armoire is great for a home or office because they are a great way to organize a busy office. At the end of the day, they allow you to close up everything to keep the room they are in have a neat and clean appearance. The corner computer armoires we choose to show are very large on the inside and will generally have work surfaces that swing out when opened.

Another nice thing about these corner computer armoires is that many can be locked to help you secure your work at the end of the day. This is something that a traditional desk can not fully offer you.

Lastly, corner computer armoires generally take up less space in a room and can fit nicely in some of those unused corners of your home or office. Then when you are all finished, you can close everything up and not see all the clutter and mess of a busy work day.

Types of Computer Armoires

There are several different types of computer armoires on the market, other than the standard office armoire. The various kinds are compact computer cabinets, corner computer armoires, home office workstations and laptop computer armoires.

Compact computer cabinets are just smaller versions of computer armoires. Most office equipment you place in the cabinet remains hidden with the exception of the monitor which sits on top of the desk.

Corner computer armoires are made specifically for the corner of a room. There’s not many on the market today, so a good alternative is to purchase a basic computer armoire and angle it in a corner if you can’t find a corner computer armoire to meet your needs.

Home office workstations are basically oversized computer armoires. They offer more storage space for office supplies and equipment. Lastly, there are laptop computer armoires which are desks that work specifically or best with laptops rather than desktops.

Here is a list of computer armoires desk

Sauder Computer Armoire, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

Sauder Computer Armoire, Cinnamon Cherry Finish






Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Armoire, Abbey Oak Finish

Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Armoire, Abbey Oak Finish






Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire, Antiqued Paint

Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire, Antiqued PaintThis piece is made to look antique while hiding all of its modern nooks and crannies. While hiding all your high tech gear behind its many doors and drawers, the top shelf can be used to openly display all your favorite collectibles. The false drawers can open up wide and then you can drop down a panel to become a desktop. Then, your monitor can come out of the cave and your keyboard and printer slide to be easily accessible.

This is like a  magic corner computer armoire that turns into an office at the snap of your fingers.  This unit comes with a dark antique painted wood finish that is beautiful to look and is also very durable. The dimensions of this armoire are 33.7 x 21.7 x 67.7 inches. The computer armoire weighs about 152 pounds and will require some assembly before use.

Folks who work at home, and / or currently have heaps of paper for instance bills, financial institution statements and similar items need to have a spot to be able to store everything One particular great idea is a desktop computer armoire which can be a nice piece of furniture that can improve and even remove all of your current storage requirements at the same time helping to keep your office or home attractive and even nice looking. Within you’ll find some distinct arguments that you may think about that explain why a computer cabinet might be an excellent addition to your home.

Keep almost everything in one central place

Computer systems have actually developed into mainstays within our workplace, and so with this type of house furniture, you can keep the Desktop in a very neat area with all the papers and also supplies you must use. Some often come with a nifty pullout tray for the computer keyboard and computer mouse along with numerous drawers and chambers to help stow materials, records and also paperwork.

Reduced profile and out of the way

If your work shift is finished, it is easy to simply close the computer cabinet and after that everything that is going to be seen is a typical-looking armoire. The fantastic thing about this really is you will enjoy the perception of a nice neat and tidy space for the main benefit of a visitor, and you will also get to help keep small hands away from your desktops as well as other gizmos young ones won’t need to be all over.

Attractive style for your room

There are various businesses producing this kind of personal computer cabinet furniture, such as Martin, Sauder as well as DMI, so you have a huge range of designs and types to pick from, so you’re able to uncover something to suit your space or office perfectly.

Handy Delivery Methods

Although it is hard to be able to imagine you may not acquire what you should want in the countless neighborhood suppliers, you can also get possibilities for getting the workspace sent if you have to resort to online or possibly a catalog. The negative effects to this, needless to say, is the fact you have got to wait for a desk, however, this approach opens an individual up to a huge selection of added choices and features.


It is no doubt that computer and jewelry armoires are an important part of our lives. Some of the important features we looked at when selecting the best Armoires include the material used and durability. The design was also important though this is not a very crucial factor. it’s up to you to select the best quality armoires that suit you best.