Best Tankless Water Heaters


Why use a tankless water heater?

Well, firstly you get instant, on-demand hot water.

Secondly, a tankless water heater can save up to 50% on your water heating costs compared to a standard water heater.A normal storage-tank type heater keeps the temperature in a tank at around 120 – 140 degrees. Obviously, heat is lost over time even when no water is drawn. Walls of tank lose heat, and pipes lose heat.

There’s gas and electric versions available. Did you know conventional heaters heat water up to a temperature way to use… so cold water must be added! Is that a waste of energy?

Tankless water heaters are rated by the maximum flow rate at which the desired temperature rise is met. Special features may allow the user to set the water delivery temperature. Efficiency is higher than an equivalent tank type water heater because standby losses are virtually eliminated.

Electric tankless water heaters require a relatively high electric power draw because water must be heated quickly to the desired temperature. Residential gas models are available that can heat more than five gallons per minute by 60F, generally more than enough for two showers to be run simultaneously. Whole house electric water units typically have a capacity closer to three gallons per minute. In Toronto Oakville Mississauga Etobicoke tankless water heaters installed.

Electric Tankless Water Heater

An electric tankless water heater is a good option for quick and easy installation. Just fit it and wire it. A variety of sizes are available for different applications.

Tankless electric water heaters can be used as boosters for a remote bathroom. Or they can be used standalone as an extra source of hot water.

If there’s any drawback to a tankless electric water heater or its gas equivalent, they’re not ideal for large users of hot water e.g. clothes washer and dishwasher would need to operate separately. Or you can operate more than one electric tankless water heater – they’re small efficient and easily installed.

Tankless Gas Water Heater

Tankless gas water heaters have a gas, or propane heating device that is activated by the flow of the water. Once started, the water heater provides a steady supply of hot water. The maximum flow rate at the desired temperature will be determined by the capacity of the tankless heater you choose. Gas tankless water heaters usually have larger capacities than the electric tankless water heaters.

Ecosmart ECO 27

This space age looking water heater is the largest electric tankless water heater available on the market to date.  It packs a real punch for such a compact unit and is easily capable of heating nearly 3 gallons of water per minute.  And this slick looking unit is well made to a high standard with the mechanics of the product organized well making it easy to perform routine maintenance or when replacing parts.  Not that this will really make much difference to a buyer with a lifetime warranty as standard on the Ecosmart ECO 27.

Ecosmart ECO 27 Tankless Water Heater Specification

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Save up to 60-percent on your water heating cost with an ECOSMART electric tankless water heater
  • Never run out of hot water with an ECOSMART tankless water heater
  • Patented Self Modulating Technology and design
  • ECOSMART tankless water heaters are 99.8-percent energy efficient

What we liked

The first thing that might surprise you about this product is that it stands less than 18-inches high and weighs less than a bag of shopping.  Don’t be mistaken and think that something that small can’t deliver ample amounts of steaming hot water because it delivers every time.  Because the unit is so compact it makes installation a breeze, unlike traditional water heaters that can be cumbersome and awkward to mount.

The mechanics in this water heater allows it to maintain a consistent water temperature that never seems to fluctuate.  For showers its recommend setting the temperature that you like. This way you don’t need to mix in cold water to get the desired temperature.  A real time saver in the mornings, when you’re in a rush.

And the biggest benefit to this unit is the savings, both in energy use and environmental benefit and most importantly in financial savings.

What we didn’t like

One common issue with this unit is when you remove the cover of the bottom of the heater some water will leak out.  But don’t worry this is normal and is always put down to factory testing of the water pressure for this unit.

  • The instructions that arrive with this unit indicates that you should only hire a professional electrician to install this product.
  • Many people have ignored this and have quite easily self-installed with little or no previous installation experience.
  • But please note that in order for the warranty to be valid a licensed electrician must sign this off or it won’t be valid.

Apart from that, we couldn’t really find anything negative about this product.  If you want to read more reviews on this product what you want to do is visit this link to read more reviews.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW, tankless electric water heater

Sometimes, it is a waste to install a full-size water heater with a tank in your home. More often than not, a small, tankless water heater like the Stiebel Eltron Tempra is more than adequate for any small home, townhouse or trailer. It is electric powered, so it is very efficient, and it will last for years on end with out needing any repairs or a replacement.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Water Heater Features

  • Easily provides adequate hot water – the Stiebel Eltron Tempra will provide more than enough hot water for your own needs, provided you choose the right size and this machine suits your application.
  • Cost effective to install – you don’t need to do a lot of fabrication or install ventilation to use the Stiebel Eltron Tempra in your home – it can be set up in almost no time!
  • Cost effective to run – the Stiebel Eltron Tempra is electric powered, so you will save a lot of money while you still enjoy lots of warm water!

What we liked

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra is a unique product in that customers either loved it or hated it – there were very few people who were undecided as to the merits of this machine. Here is just a small sampling of what the commenters had to say.

Many people had nothing but good things to say about the Stiebel Eltron Tempra when it was used in its correct application. When used in small town homes or in trailers, it provides a steady supply of hot water for quite a long period of time. Most people also commented on how efficient this water heater was, especially considering it is electric.

What we didn’t like

One of the main complaints was that this water heater was not big or strong enough to provide hot water for a whole house.

When you read the product description, this is understandable – this machine is only 16 pounds and nowhere does it state that it is capable of providing hot water for a whole house. Some of the other commenters complained that the machine broke down frequently and that the customer service provided by Stiebel was less than adequate. When you are dealing with a smaller company, this is understandable.

Rinnai R94LSi

Rinnai produces some of the best water heaters around, and the Rinnai R94Lsi is no exception. In its price range, there is nothing else that will even come close to delivering the same benefits as this machine! If you are in need of a tankless water heater that will provide an endless supply of hot water, you need to have a look at the Rinnai R94Lsi!

Boasting a large volume capacity, an impressive build quality and level of durability, along with a digital controller, the Rinnai R94Lsi is perfect for almost any application.

Rinnai R94LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater Features

  • Large volume capability – the Rinnai R94Lsi can output up to 9.4 gallons of hot water per minute. That is more than enough for even the most intensive applications.
  • Incredible durability and build quality – when you see the Rinnai R94Lsi, you know it is a high-quality piece of equipment. It will almost never break down either!
  • Digital controller – customizing your Rinnai R94Lsi is easy with the built in digital controller. Don’t fuss with old fashioned knobs and levers – just use the buttons and the display to dial in the Rinnai R94Lsi for your specific needs!

what we liked 

The one thing they loved about the Rinnai R94Lsiwas the amount of hot water it could deliver on a constant basis.

Most people have had problems with a water heater before, with it running out of hot water when they need it most. But, if you have a Rinnai R94Lsi, that won’t be an issue.

People were also quite impressed with the build quality and the durability the Rinnai R94Lsi offered – when compared to similar products in the same price range, it really stood out.

Speaking of the price – it may seem a little high, but a lot of people stated that the value you got when you purchased this water heater was incredible!

what we didn’t like

The one issue that many people had with the Rinnai R94Lsi came with the service network that was available in their area. It seems as though it can be quite hard to find someone who will work on the Rinnai R94Lsi in even the most populated areas, so if you live in a small town, there is a good chance you won’t be able to find someone to service it.

How do Tankless Water Heaters work?

  1. When you open a hot water tap, cold water enters the heater and triggers the heating elements or burners. Your hot water tap acts as an ignition key for the energy used to heat the hot water you need. The start-up process only requires a couple of seconds.

2. The water is heated as it flows through the heating elements or heat exchanger. As the water flow varies, the unit adjusts the heating elements or burner flame to maintain a constant temperature and maximum energy efficiency.

3. When the hot water tap is turned off, the heating system also turns off. (excluding the pilot if so equipped)


How does a tankless water heater heat water instantly?

Tankless water heaters work much different than conventual storage type water heaters.
For example, when you turn your tap on this tell the heater to turn on. The gas burner will come on and instantaneously heat the water you need. The time it takes to get hot water is related to the distance the hot water has to travel from the water heater to where hot water is needed.

What would be the advantages of using a tankless system?

Since a tankless water heater comes on when you open a (hot water) tap and turns off when you close the faucet, the energy that is used is only for the hot water that is needed. Because there is no storage tank of water, and no constant heating and re-heating of stored water, you�re not losing energy heating water when you don�t need it, These energy savings translates to dollar savings for you and reduced impact on our environment. Since a tankless water heater heats the water as you use it, you can have an endless supply of hot water, Of course, this will depend on properly sizing the water heater.

Is it true tankless can provide an endless supply of hot water?

Because storage tank heaters store larger amounts of water, when that water in the tank is used up your shower goes cold and you have to wait for the heater to heat the water back up recovery time. Since a tankless water heater heats up the water as it passes through the heater, you will never run out of hot water, That is if you size your flow rate properly.

Will I still get the same temperatures for my shower that I am used to?

If you buy the right( tankless heater) for you needs you will never run out of hot water. Tankless water heaters function at a variety of temperatures that you can choose, and they can produce hot water at the same flow rate as your standard shower provides now.

Will one tankless heater service my whole house?

You must choose the proper model to suit your homes hot water needs, which is based upon the maximum flow of hot water you need at any one time If you do this the answer is yes We sell (tankless water heaters) that are capable of handling one shower at a time and others that can sustain a maximum of two or three showers operating at the same time.

If I had to fill a hot tub, would a tankless water heater work?

Since tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of water, you can fill a tub of any size. It is only a question of time, meaning that our larger units can fill a tub faster than smaller units. Please keep in mind that some tubs require water at higher flow rates, so it may be necessary to limit the flow so that the tankless water heater can adequately heat the water that is being called for.








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