White noise machines are all the rage now. It’s weird but it works. It helps people sleep much better with renewable energy and a positive look into life again.

What is White Noise?

So you are thinking about investing in a white noise machine. You may have heard about the wonders of such a machine by word of mouth, reading an article or even seeing one on a TV show or in a movie. No matter where you have the idea from, the white noise device has numerous benefits for you, which we will go into in a little while, but you should first know exactly what they do.

More to the point, you should know exactly what white noise is.

The Scientific Explanation

There are two possible definitions of white noise, the first of which is the scientific one. White noise is technically a variety of sounds, all of which are on different frequencies and combined together to create what can be a harsh sound.

Just as there is a spectrum of light, there is a spectrum of sound and combine numerous frequencies essentially scrambles the sound into white noise. The combination can include up to 20,000 tones playing simultaneously and is often used to disguise other sounds because it has a natural masking effect.

How Does a White noise Machine work?

It’s actually really simple. Most people wake up in the middle of the night because of sudden noises from outside, in and outside the house, from common noises like dogs, honking horns from cars etc. A white noise machine will block these sounds by producing a soft continuous soothing sound that is pleasant to the mind and ears. The mind will get used to the white noise sound and makes you sleep sound and soft without hearing the outside noises anymore. It works wonders for thousands of people. Read the reviews of the happy customers that we show you later here below.

Best White noise machine comparison table


Marpaq Dohm Mechanical Noise Machine

Intended for a variety of sleeping environments, this Marpaq Dohm Mechanical Noise Machine is very compact and made from quality durable plastic, enabling it to withstand any bumps. Many people have trouble with noises which are not part of the usual background noise, such as music from neighbors, voices and things like dogs barking, and this includes while on vacation or visiting friends.

Is the Marpaq A white noise Travel Machine?

To be considered a truly portable and effective traveling companion, this unit should be able to work on batteries. It is true that almost all nights are spent in a place which has a power point – as this is what you will need to turn this on – so shouldn’t be a major issue, but to be classed as a ‘travel’ item, it should be able to be run on an independent power supply, even if it is temporary.

People come to rely on these machines to provide them with the relaxing sounds they are used to as they try to rest, and if the occasion arises that no power point is close by, a potentially sleepless night due to pervading sounds may well ensue. Apart from this issue, the machine is great and has the option of producing gusting air, or a wind like noise, which is very comforting and relaxing.


  • Small and compact, easy to take with you
  • Great volume controls, and easy to use
  • Promotes an enhanced night’s rest
  • Good selection of white noise sounds available

The white noise machine has been designed and engineered to effectively block out such problem noises, and replace them with one which is far more relaxing and can help to get to sleep. This model is small and can be taken away with you wherever you go to guarantee you can relax and sleep to the usual softer noises you are used to.


  • Can’t be operated by batteries
  • Has no earphone/jack-plug socket
  • Some may feel it is a little expensive for what you actually get

This product lives up to the claims made of it by the manufacturers. For its size – and it is a very small device, some may be surprised at just how small when they take it out of the packaging – it fills up the room with no problems, and filters out any obtrusive outside noises. Whether this Marpaq Dohm Mechanical Noise Machine is intended for nurseries, bedroom or any other sleeping environment, or intended to be placed near an office door, or other place where you feel you need your own privacy to speak, it will do its job. You could do a lot worse than to get this machine, if you need a very small, but effective white noise machine to help you sleep through the night.


Benefits of White Noise Machines

The definition of white noise is difficult to narrow down to a specific meaning but pinpointing its benefits is incredibly easy. And there are plenty of them to consider.

Although white noise in its raw state can be pretty harsh and assault your ears rather than soothe them, there are plenty of different forms of white noise. This explains the extensive benefits to a great degree and also explains why people go out of their way to purchase white noise machines to help them. In terms of the benefits, some of the most popular are outlined below for your information. This list is by no means exhaustive but it will give you a good idea as to what white noise can do for you:

  1. White Noise and Treating Illnesses and Conditions in Adults

White noise machines can help in the treatment of certain ailments, such as ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), tinnitus, inner ear disorders and hyperacusis. As far as ADD and ADHD are concerned, a study performed in Sweden and published in 2007 actually proved that white noise helps sufferers to focus. As it blocks out all external distractions in sound form, it encourages the brain to zero in on a particular task.

As such, it can be useful when trying to teach children with ADD or ADHD and can also help to improve their behavior. In some extreme cases, it was found that white noise was the only thing that provided any degree of mental clarity.

In addition to providing concentration and attracting attention in those with attention deficit problems, white noise can also aid those with tinnitus by enabling their minds to block out the noises they hear constantly as a result of the ailment. As it diverts attention from the ringing, it allows sufferers to relax and get some much-needed downtime. It also works in pretty much the same way for those with inner ear conditions, by providing a distraction and enabling focus.

2. White Noise and Soothing Restless Newborn Babies

White noise can soothe newborn babies. It is a known fact that babies can hear sounds that are made outside of the womb before they are born but the mother’s body muffles them. This creates a type of white noise that they then associate with the safety and security they feel at the same time as hearing these sounds. As a result, white noise is perfect for soothing fractious newborns who are struggling to settle and sleep after they are born.

This particular benefit has been particularly associated with babies suffering from colic who will scream and scream unless exposed to white noise. It is not just newborns that benefit from a little white noise though. Studies have proved its usefulness in little ones up to the age of 12 months but parents have reported longer lasting effects in older children too.

3. White Noise and Enhancing Meditation

White noise makers are common in areas and facilities that offer meditation classes or areas because white noise is amazing in terms of encouraging the mind to achieve a deep state of relaxation. It apparently offers significant therapeutic benefits in that it has been documented to help people achieve a more relaxed state of consciousness. 

This, in turn, enhances your mental well-being and can encourage you to release stress far more easily than would otherwise be possible. This is especially true when it is combined with binaural beats, which are specific low-frequency pulsations that stimulate certain brainwaves. With or without this though, white noise is excellent for meditation and is widely available in specific meditation formats.

4. White Noise and Deeper and Better Sleep

Although there are many benefits associated with white noise, its properties for enhancing sleep are perhaps the best known. As it helps the mind to let go of sounds that may routinely disturb sleep and send it into a deep state of relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety, it encourages you to go into a deep sleep. Even the lightest of sleepers and those suffering from insomnia have reportedly found that white noise machines can help them to get a good night’s sleep.

5. White Noise and Blocking Out Sound

It has already been mentioned that one of the main functions of white noise is to block out sound. Well, that is also one of the main benefits. Have you ever wished that you could block out your neighbors when they are being noisy and you are trying to have a little rest after work? Or maybe you have been to a hotel that is right by a main transport network and you cannot sleep because of the noise? Is your desk at the office right by the photocopier or a really noisy assistant?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then white noise could definitely provide you with an answer to your problem. By blocking out unwanted noise, white noise can help to minimize disturbances so that your brain is free to focus on exactly what you want it to rather than the ambient sounds that you would rather ignore.

6. White Noise and Achieving Better Levels of Concentration

This benefit is linked to the above point regarding the blocking out of sound but it is a major point in its own right. If you do work in a noisy environment or have problems concentrating for any other reason, white noise machines can help you to eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. White noise is renowned for being an excellent tool for sharpening focus by allowing you to declutter your mind.

Whether you want to ignore the chatter, increase your productivity in the workplace or enhance your learning ability, a noise machine can help you. This is a major reason why many companies all over the world are now installing speaker systems to play white noise in offices during working hours.

All of the above benefits have been reinforced by various studies so the claims do have some credibility. They are not just clever sales pitches to sell the virtues of white noise machines to you. As previously stated, the benefits of white noise machines are not limited to those outlined above but they do provide an excellent place to start.