InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposer Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposer

Let me say few things. Media, whether print, broadcast, played an important role that gets consumers into buying things they needed. Be it personal use, home use, or luxury items. Advertising campaigns are so hugely funded to create a public image that they were good enough for customer satisfaction. And, we, yes, consumers, deeply plunges into the market hype. We were made to believe, companies spending too much on advertising meant that their products were the best that we should get.

Hence, the war in the media campaign goes year in year out. With every company brainstorming each time, what promotional campaign would ever make a deep impact on every targeted consumer. And, boy, they were extremely efficient in such field. Whenever there’s new product launched and seen in television, for one thing, end users would come running to shops wanting to have a try.

Dou you need a Garbage Disposer?

Consumers sometimes hardly ever realized to distinguish two words; need and want. The result, money is wasted at every error. Well, we couldn’t really manipulate what people are going to buy. Moreover, the media advertisement is too powerful to resist.

I, for one, tends to get victimized by lucrative ads. Promising the utmost advantages, I never did have second thoughts. Especially, when deals and coupons would play luring me more to get into the catch.

When something bad happens to the purchase?

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage DisposerThe see-I-told-you thing where husbands jeer remark. That’s the case when for the second time, the food disposer I had bought online burst out with all its might after only three months of usage. Sending grime and food residue all under the sink and off the kitchen floor. Awfully bad. The eldest daughter, who had been doing the dishes had quickly run off to her room seeing the mess.

Because, it was night time already, the good husband had no choice but to remedy the problem. It turned out, meat bones have stuck in the food disposal unit, and its power could not stand to grind off the bones. Thus, it burst and worse, the machine overheated. Goodbye to the money. What a waste. Another substandard product? Another charge to experience thingy?

None of that disaster will ever happen again, said the husband. Since he was more technical than I am, he was the one visiting different hardware depot searching relentlessly for similar food disposer. And, in his words, one that would live up to its task. Total durability and functionality. He would also search on the internet and read through a couple of in-depth reviews and reviews coming from the consumers. They’re the most reliable sources. He quipped.

So it came one weekend that he tagged me along to this hardware shop and after few demos, checking on the parts and asking warranties, we went home with this InSinkErator Evolution Excel Food disposer. It almost manifested in his face that what seems to be he’s taking home is a wife.

Unboxing The InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposer:

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer, Quick Lock Sink Mount, Quiet Collar Sink Baffle, Jam-Buster Wrench, Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount, Anti-Vibration Mount, Stainless Steel Sink Stopper, Spring Type Hose Clamp, and installation instructions.

With a quick look at the unit and its parts, I sure hoped its a man’s job, after all. Then, as always is, the husband told me to stay in order for me to know how it was being installed. Through that, I’ll surely know how would it work. When problems do occur, at least, I would know how to troubleshoot. As in the case of our other appliances in the house. So be it. I decided to observe while he’s working on the new innovation in the garbage disposal.

installed inSinkErator

The Installation 

The included instruction plus the shops in-house demonstration, the husband easily installed the unit under the sink. The Quick Lock Sink Mount is made from stainless steel, so constructed for easy installation and easy replacement. The 40-ounce grind chamber and grind component are also made of stainless steel. No worries for rust.

How does The Evolution Excel Disposer Work?

3x grinderWith its durable parts, this machine is so mean it works to shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through pipes leading to the sewage system. With a 1.0 horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor, it is powerful enough to carry on its task of grinding meat bones, fruit peels, and other waste from our most common food preparation every day.

Combined with a larger 40-ounce grind chamber, it can hold more volume of food waste. It has actually brought out an arsenal of multi-tested functionality built to last long. Perfect for a home whose kitchen is as busy as ours.


Most Prominent Features of the InSinkErator Food Disposer:

  • Patented with MultiGrind Plus Technolgy which includes 3 grind stages that can grind any food waste, even chicken, and turkey bones. Thumbs up for this.
  • Quick lock sink mount allows for easy installation and replacement of old disposer units.
  • Its electric induction motor has a SoundSeal Plus Technology coupled with SoundLimiter insulation, which primarily means that the InSinkErator food disposer is 60% less noisy than its nemesis.

The theory with this is, induction motors have low starting torque to make it run on a lower speed than the commutator motor which needs a higher speed to start off. Higher speed needs more work output hence, the noise. With an induction motor, noise is less heard. The good husband was so kind as to expound on this.

evolution vs standardWhy the Need for InSinkErator Household Disposer

Food waste accounts for most of the waste generated worldwide. Bulk municipal waste which fills landfill posed threat to health, sanitation, and environmental concerns. As food waste which when decomposed can generate methane gas. Methane can cause the greenhouse effect, which depletes the atmosphere of its ozone layer. Food disposersgreatly helped in reducing these food wastes by grinding and liquefying the food scraps which will then go directly into the sewage system and onto the wastewater treatment facilities. The facilities primary function is to recycle organic waste into biosolids such as fertilizer.

Instead of throwing our food waste into garbage bags, which will then pollute landfills, why not invest on The InSinkErator Household Disposer. It is one innovative idea that greatly reduces million tons of garbage each year. Its function relative to climate change is commendable.

Electric Consumption

Though household water consumption may increase when using the InSinkErator Household Disposer, it is commensurate with the function it does to our home. An average water usage of one gallon per person per day and an average electrical usage of three to four kilowatt-hours per year, year, making it among the least expensive installed kitchen appliances. Total value for the money. Considering the value of its performance.



  • the household disposer eliminates kitchen thrash
  • thrash is converted into a liquid form that helped feed wastewater plants to make biogas
  • consumes less energy, i.e water, and electricity
  • easy to install, parts accessible to most hardware shops
  • the InSinkErator comes with an exclusive seven-year We Come to You In-Home Service Warranty, including parts and labor

It has been six months since the husband had installed the InSinkErator. We actually didn’t notice there was indeed a powerful motor down the sink. It is almost noiseless. The osterizer which have been prominently placed in the countertop actually makes all the noise in our kitchen, and, so is the microwave.

evolution-excel sound-levelAt one point, my daughter thought the unit had overheated or had malfunctioned. She was again washing the dishes when the InSinkErator had stopped working. She called her dad explaining what had happened.

Just as her dad was about to inspect the unit under the sink, it soon continued its work and gets on with the grinding. The husband said it is but normal. When food waste jammed onto its part, it automatically increases its torque power to break through jams. That’s how powerful this little unit work. Small and yet packs a lot of huge tasks.

I have to thank the husband for being so keen on buying stuff. He would always tell me, information should be collected and learned before purchasing things. Taking into consideration the price, but let it be noted that quality and durability should be a prioritize also. Let us not be ruled by glossy advertisement or fall into stereotypes.

We are at the peak of technological advancement. But, I dare say; some may be successful; some may be failures. The important thing is that we; consumers must learn to know all facts relating to every product in the market. In this regard, truth and falsity rest solely in our hands. That field, we can achieve through trial and testing, search and reviews, and word-of-mouth customer experiences.


Given the performance the InSinkErator pulls in our home for the past couple of months, I conclude that we found another piece of jewel. I always liked the idea that aside from its primary function in food disposal, it helped a lot in so many ways in protecting our environment. An advocacy I had been supporting all along. Keeping and maintaining our small home and our family in a green way.
Check out more green gadgets and home appliances on the internet before purchasing.

What’s In the Box?

  • InSinkErator Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount
  • Quiet Collar Sink Baffle
  • Jam-Buster Wrench
  • Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount
  • Anti-Vibration Mount
  • Stainless Steel Sink Stopper
  • Spring Type Hose Clamp
  • and installation instructions

Check-Out the InSinkErator in Action