Are you in the market for a kokeshi doll?

It’s your lucky day …

I have come up with this comprehensive guide to help you select the best Japanese doll. These Dolls are perfect as gifts and collectibles. 

After extensive research, I discovered that these wooden dolls can be categorized into three categories:

  • Collectible/Vintage Kokeshi dolls
  • Kids party supplies
  • kids pencil erasers 

What are Kokeshi Dolls?

Traditional Kokeshi Dolls were first produced by Kiji-shi (wood artisans) in Shinichi, in Togatta/Miyagi Prefecture from where Kokeshi making techniques spread to other spa areas in the Tōhoku Region.

It is said that these dolls were originally made from the middle of the Edo period (1600-1868) to be sold to people who were visiting the hot springs in the north-east of the country.

Kokeshi dolls, the highly stylised Japanese wooden figure that has become one of the most collectible toys in Japan, dating back to their original conception in the early 19th century. Originally sold as souvenirs to the visitors of hot springs, or onsen as they’re known in Japan, around the Tohoku region in Northern Japan, the Kokeshi doll has developed into a greatly admired art form, adopted by skilled craftsmen in the Tohoku region, as well as more recently in the Gunma prefecture.

editors note: These are the 10 hand made vintage dolls I managed to gather after my extensive research. 

Best Vintage Kokeshi Doll

1. Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll, Hoshi’s Blue Kimono


2. Floral Red Japanese Kimono Shyly Smiling Girl Wooden Kokeshi Doll Toy(large Size)


3. Uxcell Wood Office Flower Print Japanese Folk Craft Kokeshi Doll Decoration 3 in 1 Pink


4. Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll, Yuki’s Red Kimono


5. Matryoshka Madness Micro-Kokeshi Matryoshka


6. Kokeshi Doll Ninja


7. Enesco kimmidoll – Megumi Goodness Mini Doll Figurine


8. Momiji X Hello Kitty Dolls Collection Stella Message Doll

9. Sosaku Kokeshi Doll Haruka Kimono Girl Made in Japan

10. Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll, Akiko’s Purple Kimono

Best Pencil Eraser Kokeshi doll

1. Japanese Iwako Maneki Neko & Kokeshi Eraser Set

2. wako Kokeshi Dolls Japanese Erasers Set(6pieces)-Butterfly, Crane, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red


Editors note: Yes, there are Kokeshi character dolls available too. These are some of the best dolls available. The character sets may also be used as collectibles by doll enthusiasts. 

Kokeshi Character Dolls

1. Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Characters Doll Marvel Spider-Man

2. Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Characters Doll Set Doraemon & Sister Drami

3. Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Disney Characters Mickey & Minie



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