Skincare Treatments and Medications: How Much is Too Much?

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It’s always been tough for women than it is for men. There’s always been pressure to exert more, to give more. Take for example, physical looks. Women always exert more time just so they can be in the same office as the men who just put on the same suit (at least it looks the same, except for the tie) to work everyday.

appleSkin care treatments for women, on the other hand, spend a good fifteen to twenty minutes just to decide on which jacket matches the skirt, and which accessories go best with it. More than this, women are always looking for ways to fight off the signs of ageing. Facials, botox, surgeries, are just some of the menus of methodologies women think about on in the fight to look good.

This pressure to look good must be so great for women to subject themselves to the harmful effects of cosmetics and other facial treatments. Today, only a small number of cosmetics manufacturers comply with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, and the majority still does not disclose the full contents of its products. This is alarming, as millions of women put on make-up everyday, only to risk having diseases due to harmful chemicals. Women also have Botox more frequently than men, or at least they think about and consider it more than men do. Botox may have temporary lifting effect, but the overall effect does not make one look more beautiful.

I’d say forget about these harmful substances and face the world with your natural beauty. After all, though it is a cliché, true beauty is that which cannot be seen by the naked eye – it has nothing to do with Botox or any other treatment.