What to avoid when installing a wireless video surveillance system

wireless camera

Installing a CCTV surveillance system has become a norm whether in your private property or your workplace. You must have considered investing in security if you are concerned about your safety.

If you think installing a wireless video surveillance is easy, think again. There are hundreds if not thousands of affordable security cameras in the market these days. All of these systems are relatively different when compared.

Wireless connections eliminate the need for purchasing long cables and monthly fees for cable checkups. Well, not to mention the fact that they tend to scare away buglers.

Even with the simple plug and play feature, you can easily mess up the installation process. It is recommended to get qualified installers for this job. Here are some of the common mistakes that I have seen many people make.

Installing CCTV and not having someone to monitor it.

Even with high-tech systems installed, you are not 100% sure that the thieves and criminals will stay off, it’s not fool proof.

It’s obvious that you will not be able to monitor the CCTV system all the time. Latest CCTV systems have alert systems. The alert function notifies you via an SMS if the setup trips. Some systems come with features which enable several people to be alerted including the police.

Other than alerts, you can also monitor live activity via your phone. Doing so enables you to know a false alarm such as having an animal in your compound.

Insufficient research of the installers

Not researching the companies installing the cameras is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

All companies installing CCTV systems market their services as the best in the market.  The truth is that only a limited number of companies have the ability to provide top-notch quality service. It is advisable to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the companies you have in mind.

warningSome of the issues to consider when evaluating the installers include Quality standards, Technological edge, Reliability, Convenience, Capacity to deliver, Professionalism and Customer service.

A few of the questions which can be used to evaluate the installers include

  • What standards of qualification do your employees have?
  • How many years have you been in the service?
  • Can I get any recommendation from your previous employees?
  • Can I visit any of your previous clients?
  • Is the business registered and licensed to operate in CCTV installations?

Poor positioning when self-installing

Reputable CCTV installers will recommend excellent vantage points as well as identify areas with obstructions. Spotting such angles is not easy. Self-installing may become a challenge if you don’t know how to spot angles.

You have to consider things like the sunlight and the rains direction. If the camera is installed directly to such elements, then you can tilt it downwards to avoid the lens from being distorted.

Installing the camera on a weak surface

The fact that most of the camera brands and designs are light doesn’t mean they can install them on weak surfaces.  It would be better to install the camera on a cement wall where it would be safe from the harsh climate.

The housing of the camera also matters a lot. Make sure the camera is protected from rain and direct sunlight.

Another issue to consider is the height of the camera from the ground. Picking a spot close to the ground will make it easily accessible to anyone.

Not installing enough cameras on your property

Before deciding to purchase any CCTV system, make sure you have the installers take a quick survey of your property or workplace. Many CCTV kits come with two to four cameras, and this may not be sufficient for monitoring your entire property.

Reputable installers will make sure all the blind spots are visible. They will also recommend the kind of cameras to install. Some cameras cover a wider area than others.

Again, make sure you take the time to comprehensively research for a qualified installer!!

Lack of knowledge of the wireless range

Compared to wireless cameras, wired systems are more complicated to install. Wired systems offer a steady and solid feed but are not practical for home installation.

If you are planning on installing the CCTV system yourself, then you need to take time and understand what is required. The terms may be a little technical especially if you have never installed a full system before.

Read the manual that comes with the system before you start installing. When at the edge of the stipulated range, the camera feed may drop entirely.


One other thing you should consider is that you cannot be able to access your real-time video from any phone. BlackBerry and Windows do not offer such services. With that in mind, make sure you take as much time as you need to research.